Benefits of Regular Exercise

It is highly advisable for one to do regular exercise. The benefit of regular exercise is simply endless. Exercising on a regular basis can help improve your life in so many ways. It can help maintain a healthy weight, help fight against diseases, boost your mood, improve your sex life, help you sleep better at night and so on.

Each and every one of us benefits from exercise one way or the other, irrespective of our age, sex or physical ability. This guide will help point out the benefits of regular exercise. Take a look at some great benefits of regular exercise;

1. Exercise Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Exercise Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is sad to see most people struggling with weight loss. They still haven’t figured out how to lose weight. Regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight. It helps prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you exercise, you burn calories. The more extreme the exercise is, the more your body burns out calories.

Due to the nature of our work, some of us don’t find enough time to exercise every day as we would have loved to. Nevertheless, you should know that any amount of exercise is better than doing nothing at all. In order to gain the benefits of exercise, make sure that you are active throughout the day. For examples, learning to take the stairs instead of using the elevator will go a long way in helping you Stay Fit 24/7. Understand that when it comes to exercise, consistency is key.

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2. Exercise Helps Fights Against Health Conditions and Diseases.

Exercise Helps Fights Against Health Conditions and Diseases

If you are concerned about heart diseases, or you trying to avoid high blood pressure, regardless of your current weight, you should know that regular exercise boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol, and reduces unhealthy triglycerides. This helps keeps your blood flowing well, which reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Regular exercise helps prevent or manage many health problems and concerns, including:

  1. Depression.
  2. Anxiety.
  3. Stroke.
  4. High blood pressure.
  5. Metabolic syndrome.
  6. Several types of cancer.
  7. Type 2 diabetes.
  8. Arthritis.
  9. Falls.

Regular exercise also helps boost cognitive function and helps reduce the risk of premature death.

3. Exercise Boosts Your Mood.

Exercise Boosts Your Mood

Do you frequently experience mood swings and need an emotional boost? Or maybe you had a stressful day at work and need to get rid of some pent-up energy? It is good to know that doing some exercise or even taking a quick walk can go a long way in letting those emotions out. Undergoing some sort of physical activity helps stimulates several brain chemicals that makes you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

Exercising regularly also help you feel good about yourself; especially when you look at the mirror to see your appearance. It gives you the satisfaction that you are making progress. This will go a long way to boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

4. Exercise Gives You More Energy.

Exercise Gives You More Energy

Regular exercise can build up your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise provides oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more effectively. When there is an improvement in your heart and lung health, you will have more energy to carry out your daily activities.

5. Exercise Helps You Sleep Better at Night.

Exercise Helps You Sleep Better at Night

Do you often have problems sleeping at night? Irregular sleeping pattern makes us lose concentration during the day. Performing regular exercise can help you quickly fall asleep and get better sleep at night. However, try not to exercise just before bedtime, or you may be too energized to fall asleep.

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6. Exercise Improves Your Sex Life.

Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

Do you always feel too tired or out of shape to enjoy sex with your partner? Regular exercise can improve your energy levels and boost your confidence about your physical appearance, which may in turn improve your sex life.

Regular exercise may boost arousal for women. And men who exercise on a regular basis are less prone to have problems with erectile dysfunction than men who do not undergo any sort of exercise.

7. Exercise Helps You Become More Outgoing and Social.

Exercise Helps You Become More Outgoing and Social

Exercise and other sort of physical activity can be something to enjoy. They provide you the opportunity to relax, enjoy the outdoors and engage in activities that make you happy. Exercise can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social environment.

It is advisable you find an exercise you enjoy doing to prevent you from getting bored. Also learn to try new things, or do something exciting with friends or family.


Performing regular exercises are great ways to feel better about yourself, boost your health and enjoy yourself. For healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following:

  1. Perform at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of strong aerobic activity, or perform the combination of moderate and vigorous activity. The guidelines recommend that you extend this exercise throughout the week. Examples include running, walking or swimming. Performing small amounts of physical activity are usually effective, and accumulated activity throughout the day builds up to provide health benefits.
  2. Perform strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week. Examples include lifting free weights, making use of weight machines or undergoing body-weight training.

It is recommended that you spread your activities throughout the week. If you plan to lose weight, try as much as possible to meet specific fitness goals.

Lastly, do not forget to visit your doctor before you begin a new exercise program, particularly if you have any worries about your fitness, or if you have not exercised in a long time, or have chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis.

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