9 Weight Loss Tricks That Truly Works

In order to lose weight, you must make it a habit of eating healthy and exercising regularly. There is no easy way to lose weight so you must be prepared to put in the effort. However, there are quite a few tricks that can help you in picking healthier foods, eating fewer calories and building your brain to prevail against food addictions.

Here are some effective weight loss tips and tricks:

1. Always have fresh fruits and vegetables nearby.

Every time you crave for something sweet, the first thing that comes to your mind is candy or a carb-heavy snack. Eating them usually fills you with loads of empty calories, spikes your blood sugar and still won’t satisfy you.

A fiber and vitamin rich orange or apple will satisfy both your sweet craving and your hungry stomach. Vegetables also achieve the same for salty cravings. It is advisable to always have fresh fruits and vegetables nearby when needed.

2. Eat mindfully.

 A lot of us eat while watching TV, working or performing other chores. In order to prevent consuming loads of calories, it is important you learn to concentrate on your meal and the people eating with you. Think about how pleasing the food looks, the sweet smell, and taste as you eat. Think about the emotions that your food arouses.

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This is particularly helpful for sensitive eaters. Eating mindfully could help you stop and think about your feelings at that moment and also whether the food will really satisfy you.

3. Chew your food slowly and fully.

While eating, try not to rush your food. If you rush your food, you are likely to consume more calories than your body really needs. Your brain takes about 20 minutes to signal that you are satisfied, so concentrate on chewing your food slowly and fully. Digestion starts in the mouth, so while chewing your food, the digestive enzymes in your saliva starts to break down food to permit the absorption of important nutrients.

4. Spice up your meal.

While cooking, add chili peppers and other spices to spice up your meal. Peppers contain capsaicin, a naturally occurring compound that may boost metabolism and make you feel satisfied. Add more rich spices into marinades, morning eggs and homemade soups and salad dressings.

5. Stay away from liquid calories.

Sweet drinks, fruits juices, coffee drinks, sodas, beer and cocktails causes weight gain by filling you up with empty calories. In addition, they go down very fast and don’t have fiber and protein to fill you up, so you will probably eat as much food or may even consume more, if alcohol lowers your inhibitions. Always go for water, hot or iced tea, club soda or simple coffee.

6. Drink water before eating your meal.

Drinking a few of glasses of water about 20 to 30 minutes before eating your meal will make you feel full quicker. It is advisable you drink water before breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to reduce 225 to 270 calories from your daily diet.

7. Make use of smaller plates, bowls and glasses while eating.

Making use of big plates and bowls can make you serve and eat too much. Eating with smaller plates helps you eat less, due to the fact that it changes how you see portion sizes. Making use of smaller plates reduces the quantity of food you consume, while giving you the feeling of eating like you use to.

8. Brush and floss your teeth after Dinner.

Before getting ready for bed, always ensure that you brush your teeth and floss properly for it prevents you from taking little snack before bed. You wouldn’t want to eat anything else before bed knowing you just brushed and flossed your teeth. Also, minty breath will make dessert less tempting.

9. Get Adequate Sleep.

Getting enough sleep is very essential for weight loss, along with preventing future weight gain. Studies have shown that people who lack adequate amount of sleep are 55% more likely to develop obesity, compared to those who get enough sleep. This number is even greater for children. This is partially because sleep deprivation disturbs the daily variations in appetite hormones, which in turn causes poor appetite regulation.

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