Exercises to Help You Stay Fit 24/7

It is very essential for one to stay fit 24/7. It is advisable to make an effective plan to stay fit every day in order to prevent sicknesses and diseases for affecting your health. Exercising regularly will keep you fit and healthy, and boost your immune system to fight against diseases. In order to encourage you on your journey to healthy living, here are some effective exercises you should consider adding to your daily routine to help you stay fit 24/7.

1. Do Regular Squats.

Do Regular Squats

You can do squats without the need of a physical equipment. When squatting, it is important you maintain the right form. Stand erect with your feet at hip-width distance apart, and shoulders relaxed. Look forward to maintain your neck and spine alignment, and hold your arms erect in front of you or on your hips. Squat slowly like you are about to seat down in a chair behind you, while keeping your heels fixed on the ground and torso upright. Strive for 10 to 15 reps.

2. Do Regular Lunges.

Do Regular Lunges

Lunges are quite common strength training exercises. They help strengthen, sculpt, and tone your body. When doing lunges always ensure that your upper body is straight, shoulders are back and relaxed and your chin is faced upwards. Take a step forward with one leg, and lower your hips until both of your knees are at 90-degree angle. Place your front knee directly above your ankle and make sure that your other knee does not touch the floor. Maintain a steady weight on your heels, when you push yourself back erect. Strive for 12 reps.

Lunges is an important resistant exercise that is quite common for strengthening your back, hip, legs, while improving mobility and stability. If you are experiencing hip pain and want to get it cured, discover how to unlock your hip flexors.

3. Do Regular Cardiovascular Exercises.

Do Regular Cardiovascular Exercises

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is any activity that gets your blood pumping and large muscles groups working. Cardiovascular activities that only lets you sweat for about 20 to 40, are great, but it will not really impact your metabolic rate or the rate at which your body burns calories. Also consider doing some anaerobic exercises like sprinting or jumping after completing an aerobic activity. It helps intensify your exercise and boost the rate of your metabolism.

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4. Practice Yoga.

Practice Yoga

Take a deep breath as you slowly process everything. Lack of breathing deeply worsens other health issues in the human body. In order to improve your breathing and flexibility, we recommend you take a yoga class. When you do intense yoga workouts, your breathing slows down, instead of increasing like it should when doing a cardiovascular exercise. Yoga helps you train your body to breathe and also help stretch tight muscles. It is essential to start practicing yoga because inflexible muscles can lead to back problems, tightness and muscle tears.

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5. Do Planks Every day.

Do Planks Every day

The plank may seem like an annoying exercise to do; but you should know that they help strengthen your spine, rhomboids and trapezius, and your abdominal muscles resulting in strong posture. Planks are great for spinal stability and back pain. To effectively do the plank exercise, lower your body to the ground like you are about to perform a pushup exercise, with your elbows at 90 degrees and both forearms lying on the floor. Maintain a straight body line from the top of your head to the tips of your heels. Cup your wrists together if you experience pain as a result of the pressure. When starting up, do the plank exercise for as long as you can, and strive to beat your daily record. Follow this routine to stay fit 24/7.

6. Perform Body-weight Resistance.

Perform Body-weight Resistance

It is important for you to know that building muscle is not only for bodybuilders and weight lifters. When performing resistance exercises, you build and maintain the amount of thickness in your bones, also known as bone mass and density. Body-weight resistance exercises are easy to fit into your daily routine. Resistance training is very essential for both genders particularly in preventing osteoporosis.

7. Undergo Functional Fitness Training.

Undergo Functional Fitness Training

Functional fitness exercises help train the muscles that are used for everyday activities. Functional training helps improve the overall function of your body, boosting your strength and endurance. It makes you stronger for your everyday activities. When you perform daily exercises like sprinting, jumping, lifting, twisting and bending, your body is prepared for common daily tasks by simulating the movements they need. For instance, lifting weights when doing lunges simulates easy vacuuming. Functional fitness training helps develop stability in your muscles and your body, which enables you to carry out your daily activities more efficiently.

Stay Fit 24/7

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