Types of Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance offer four different options. The most suitable policy for you is contingent on your level of risk tolerance and the type of payment flexibility you require.

Here are the different types of permanent life insurance;

1. Whole life insurance.

Whole life insurance is as good as expected. It offers a guaranteed level premium and guaranteed death benefit. That implies that both the premium and the death benefit remains unchanged for life. The level of growth on the policy’s cash value is likewise guaranteed (fixed by the insurer). Consequently, whole life insurance might be suitable for people who like certainty.

Certain whole life policies also offer you the chance to receive dividends. These policies are referred to as participating whole life policies. They are referred as such for the reason that they let you partake in the extra earnings of your insurer.

You can collect dividends in cash or save them with the insurer and earn interest on the amount. You can likewise make use of them in buying extra coverage or decrease future premium payments.

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2. Variable life insurance.

Variable life insurance provides more investment choices. It offers flexible premiums and a flexible death benefit. Although the cash does not increase at a guaranteed rate, you get to choose the manner in which the cash value is invested.

By means of a variable life insurance policy, you allot your premium payments to a single account. The money in this account becomes invested in a list of investment selections, bonds, stocks, and market tools you select.

The policy’s cash value will vary according to the performance of these investment selections. Each month, the insurer will deduct the policy’s cash value to pay for the cost of keeping the policy.

Your life insurance policy will remain active on the condition that there is sufficient cash value to pay for the policy’s monthly charges. If the funds are too small, the insurer will request you to pay more in premiums, otherwise the policy will lapse.

Variable life insurance offers you the chance to be paid more than you would with a whole life policy. Nevertheless, if things do not go the way you plan, you might lose money, as well as the initial investment.

3. Universal life insurance.

Universal life insurance provides a great deal of flexibility. You can alter the frequency and amount of your premium payments (within specified restrictions). You can as well change the death benefit according to your wishes.

Similar to whole life insurance, universal life insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit attached with an investment feature. Nevertheless, the interest rate on cash value might differ, even though it won’t go lower than a fixed minimum. For instance, your policy can fix a minimum interest rate of 2% that is guaranteed for your policy’s lifetime.

The cash value growth is joined to investment performance. Therefore, the payment can be great, but if things do not go as planned, you need to pay higher premiums in order to keep the policy active.

Another advantage of the universal life insurance is that you can take money out of the policy’s cash value by a loan or withdrawal. You can as well utilize it in paying premiums.

4. Variable universal life.

Variable universal life merges the features of variable and universal life insurance. You choose how premium dollars get invested and can alter premium payments and the death benefit.

You can spread your investments through money market accounts in order to earn greater benefits. However, there is an element of risk since it is difficult to foretell how the market will perform. Variable universal life insurance might be suitable for people looking for maximum flexibility.


These are the various types of permanent life insurance police. Permanent life insurance policy offers lifetime protection. It provides a death benefit in the event of your demise. There are several reason to purchase permanent life insurance. Here are some great reasons Why You Should Purchase Permanent Life Insurance.

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