Sleep and Dreams

Sleep is not a uniform state of being. It is composed of 3 different stages of NREM (non rapid eye movement) sleep and REM sleep.

Stage 1 – Is transient characterized by reduction in respiration and heart beat. It is that stage we drift into sleep.

Stage 2 – Here, the body goes into deep relaxation; more of the low frequency theta waves are seen unlike in stage one where we see both alpha and theta waves.

Stage 3 – This is deep sleep. Here, slow waves dominate. It is difficult to wake up someone from this stage and if you do, the person would complain of not feeling refreshed.

Stage 4 – REM sleep occurs here. It is marked by rapid eye movement without muscle involvement. It is known as paradoxical sleep as brain wave activity is similar to a waking person’s own. Dreams happen here..

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Dreams are stories and images our minds create when we are asleep. It can be entertaining, frightening, romantic, fun and bizarre.

There are various theories about dreams.

Some say dreams represents our unconscious desires, others that they consolidate and process information gathered during the day and that they work a firm of psychotherapy.

Whatever the case, we know that dreams are a universal experience and our everyday experiences play a role in our dreams.

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