Heroes and Emotions

From time immemorial, men have been taught to bottle up their emotions, push them aside, “man up” and fix it.

Some problems are not quick fix and so while trying to find a solution for your problem, it is important to understand your emotions and work through them.

Compartmentalizing or repressing these emotions, withdrawing oneself especially from your partner, distracting oneself with sports or clubs doesn’t make it go away.

Granted, women secrete more oxytocin that helps calm their emotions and tend to nurture and form social support system, sharing how you feel isn’t emasculating. Its true men aren’t as expressive as women.

Most men do not know how to properly analyze emotions and sometimes do not know how much emotions they feel or understand some social cues, but opening up is a start to the understanding of these things and gives your partner a better sense of belonging.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Instead of “that’s how I’m wired”, why not try to work out the emotions, eliminate the stressors for a healthier, better life.

What do you do when your team loses a game? You will be amazed at the display of emotions showing their love and passion for the game. They will even whine about the near-miss, all the lost opportunities, bad decisions and the what-nots. But when it comes to their life issues, they bottle it all up as if their women are their enemies.

A friend of mine told me one time that he shares his troubles with people that he knows cannot help with them just to prevent from getting actual help. Imagine!

I know it’s hard for your egos to ask and accept help especially when it puts you at a disadvantage but it’s life, we all need help one time or the other and we should accept it graciously.

Your emotional health is very important. If not your partner, then some other male who you completely trust. It’s already hard enough that you have to struggle everyday looking to put food on the table and provide. You don’t have to suffer emotional breakdown while doing this.

Let’s reduce the depression and suicide rate. Let’s normalize our men talking about their emotions.


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    Nice.. Let’s encourage our men. It’s really not easy to be one.

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